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The Trust believes that all people should be free and enabled to worship God regardless of race, gender, background and age. Churches often need help in acting out this philosophy in their life and activities, for many have fallen into the trap of serving a limited sector of people. We are here to challenge, help and equip churches to be fully inclusive by leading courses and providing resources.

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We run days to help churches explore new ideas for their work with children, young people and families.
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Many of our CDs and DVDs are now available as downloads.
Multimedia Training
Modern technology needs to be used well and the trust runs a range of courses to help churches to do this
A host of valuable and practical CDs, DVDs and Books that can be purchased through our on-line shop
We now offer a number of our products as downloads and there are also some free resources.
A range of resources produced for each Sunday in the lectionary
The Trust
Information about the Family Friendly Churches Trust itself
Members' Pages
Pages reserved for members of the Family Friendly Churches Trust

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Downloadable products are now available

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January 31st - Welcome Home: not

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Tea-time Church
January - Betrayal and Trials

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